Training to help you manage and improve your life

Life Skills Toolkits is a free training resource that consists of videos, Prompt Sheets and Lesson Guides designed to help you manage and improve your life.

Why videos? Books can take a while to read, with the solution to your problem either spread or repeated over hundreds of pages. Blogs, on the other hand, recommend solutions, but often lack a high enough word count to include a description of how to apply them.

What Life Skills Toolkits Does

The purpose of Life Skills Toolkits is to help you find the right solution to a life problem (a skill), and then, in the shortest time possible, teach you how to apply that skill so that you can get on with managing and improving your life.

The skills found in Life Skills Toolkits are organised into Toolsets (for example, making yourself more confident by managing your thoughts) and the Toolsets are organised into Toolkits such as Confidence, Decision Making or Making Things Happen.

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